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Know Thyself™ Mission

Know Thyself™ strives to help urban students become aware of self and others, better manage behaviors and emotions, and learn skills of teamwork, conflict resolution, empathy, goal setting and decision making, so that they can be positive contributors to their school and community.

In urban Milwaukee, teenagers are walking out of high school with a disadvantage that reaches beyond the quality of their school or the color of their skin. Increasingly, children from the city grow up without adult models who impart to them what we call soft skills, such things as a solid handshake, eye contact, the ability to speak publicly, and an awareness of the body and its health. Without these skills, high school graduates miss scholarship opportunities, internships and chances for a job. But this disadvantage is fixable; and the skills can be taught. We teach them to our students with great success.

No school teaches the things we teach nor should they be expected to. Parents, unfortunately, do so less and less, as well. We at Know Thyself™ are filling that void.

Know Thyself™ began as a program to teach manners but has now become so much more. Our curriculum now encompasses a wide range of programming in the Milwaukee Public School system addressing many needs of disadvantaged middle and high school students.

Our curriculum enhances students' social and communication skills, expands their nutrition and health education, and improves their cultural literacy. We accomplish these things via role-playing, journaling, discussions, field trips, speakers and other interactive activities. In addition, we infuse arts education into our curriculum, allowing students to express themselves through photography, writing, painting, and the creative utilization of computer technology.