What We Do

Our Pledge

I am proud to be a part of KNOW THYSELF. 

I pledge to be sincere, honest and committed. 

I recognize my ability to take charge of my life. 

I am responsible for all my actions, bad or good. 

In every situation I have a choice. 

I will do my best to always make a good choice. 

I am always thinking, and always thinking of others. 

My practice is to be the best friend I can to all people. 

My honesty is a good example for others to follow.

I am confident that if I work hard I can achieve greatness in all things. 

I have goals and I will work to achieve them.

Reading and writing are a very important part of my life. 

I must earn the best possible grade in all subjects. 

And because I practice all these things, 

all the time, 

Life rewards me 


wherever I go 

I will share the message that to 


is to 

love thyself.     

Author: Andre Lee Ellis  


Our Curriculum

Manners & Respect

Know Thyself uses a back-to-basics approach that focuses on building the social and emotional management skills of students to help them make decisions that lead to positive outcomes.  Our Manners & Respect curriculum supports several Wisconsin and National School Common Core Standards and is tailored to be age appropriate for the middle school students we serve. The skills we teach not only impact academic outcomes, they are skills that are transferable to high school, college and beyond.

Specifically, Know Thyself uses its Manners & Respect curriculum to help students explore the following skills:   

· Self-awareness 

· Conflict resolution 

· Empathy 

· Goal setting 

· Decision making.   

Participating students receive approximately 30 hours of training to build the core skills listed above. We accomplish our goals using:  

· Arts 

· Role-playing 

· Discussions 

· Reflection   

· Journaling 

· Experiential Learning 

· Guest speakers and facilitators.    

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